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Tax Preparation Checklist

TurboTax 2019 Home Business Tax Software offers an all in one package for preparing your tax returns.

It's the day after Christmas and I'm sitting here contemplating the tasks to come in the new year. On top of that list is preparing tax returns for myself and my business.

Home Business Tax Preparation



Fringe Benefits

Business Expenses


Organizing and preparing throughout the year will insure that your properly prepared to take advantage of any tax breaks you can once it's time to file your return.

Income Tax Preparation Checklist for Tax Return Preparation

Small-Business Tax Return Preparation

Business tax preparation checklists are designed to assist you in gathering all the documentation necessary to document your income  and expenses throughout the year.

Reporting Home Business Income and Expenses

Properly reporting income and expenses is accomplished by evaluating any relevant documents to your businesses operation. The compilation and organization of this information throughout the year will help simplify and speed the process of your tax preparation.

The checklist above is a support tool to help ensure you've included all applicable information needed to prepare your return properly. This list also helps you make sure that you are taking advantage of any deductions that may apply to your business model.